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Harvest Festival • 2018 rpg

Guillaume Clerc • no link

An island in the Aegean Sea. King Paramonos holds his Court during the harvest festival. There are counselors, guards, musicians, heroes, slaves, astrologists, daughters, sons, wives... all cursed with pride and passion.

Players, which one are you? What are you known for? Which secret AMBITION are you ready to die for: love, power, glory?

Take five index cards and write a MISTAKE on each: a lie, an insult, a blow, an oath, a threat.
Flip and shuffle the cards. Write a FATE on each: murderer, traitor, lover, king, outcast.

Take turns to tell what your character do and say to fulfill his/her AMBITION. If it seems risky or uncertain, invoke the Chorus: all other players must loudly argue of the character's virtues, of the laws of Fate, and decide together what the consequences will be.

* Once you revealed to someone what your AMBITION is, he/she will say who opposes you. Draw a card. Hold it so that you can only see the MISTAKE, while the other players see your FATE.
* Once you have made your MISTAKE, turn your card and learn what your FATE will be.

Take your time. Play until each character has met his/her FATE.

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