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A Perilous Journey... with raptors • 2018 rpg

Liam Moher • no link

Each year when young Raptorkin come of age they journey from their sweltering jungle village to the volcanic ice-peaks of Dragon's Maw, bringing back shards of purest obsidian to prove themselves.

Everyone plays as one adolescent Raptorkin:
- Rek'Na, teethmonger's daughter.
- Oosa, albino acolyte.
- N'nek, feathered crest.
- Raaljin, knife-dancer's son.
- Latu, feral child.
- Orn and Ira, twins.
- Yatt, iron-scaled giant.

The group begins with 2 Supplies per player. Every Raptorkin begins with 6 Morale.

Everyone takes 3 index cards. Name a dangerous or beautiful location on each. Shuffle them together then line them up, face down. Add the Raptorkin's Village and Dragon's Maw, face up, to opposite ends of the line.

Begin at the village. Discus what happens at each location. When everyone is ready to move on, flip the next card and continue your journey.

When a Raptorkin takes dramatic or dangerous action roll 1d10 vs their Morale.
- Roll lower: Success!
- Roll equal: Success, and gain 1 Morale.
- Roll higher: The group decides how the situation gets worse, or, they succeed but it costs 1 Morale or Supplies. 

If a Raptorkin's Morale hits zero, they reset to 6 Morale but now bear a secret shame. What is it? 

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Longer version… eventually:

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