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The search for the Grail • 2018 rpg

Alessandro Sganga • no link

King Arthur is dead.
You are the last Knight of the Round Table.
Find the Grail and save Britain.


3-7 players

Choose Knight's name
Choose a virtue: Prudence, Courage, Temperance, Justice.
Each player choose a Capital Sin: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride

A player is God: his role is to set the scene. 
The player to its left is the Knight: his role is to follow his virtue.
Other players are Adversities: their role is to make the scene interesting, tempt the Knight playing their sin.

Knight and Adversities can interact freely for 20 minutes, then God shall call its judgement. Roll 1D6, +2 if the Knight followed his virtue, -1 for each sin that tempted him.

4+: The Knight stayed strong. Success
3-: The Knight faltered. Failure

God shall close the scene describing the aftermath.

Another scene will start and the roles will switch counterclockwise.


After a full round the Knight will find the Grail.

Answer as a group: What is the Grail? Where was it?

Successes > Failures -  How will it save Britain? How will the Knight be remembered?

Failures > Successes -  How will it destroy Britain? How will the Knight die?

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