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But why was the green coat left in your hall? • 2018 rpg

Eva Schiffer •

There is a fine line between listening and being talked at. 

You are telling a story with a moral. Decide which of you is the listener and which the teller. The listener begins by asking the teller a leading question about something they saw or heard. The teller answers for as long as they like. When they pause, the listener should ask another leading question. The listener should try to change the course of the story with their questions if they don't like the moral the teller seems to be headed for. 

The teller should try to make space for the listener to ask at least a few questions before they reach a moral. The teller should try to push for a moral they personally find wrong but be willing to choose a different moral as the story shifts. 

Both players should treat past statements and the assumptions inherent in questions as truth. 

Reverse roles and repeat if time allows. 

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