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Commuter Skills • 2018 rpg

Amber • no link

You're trying to get to work on transit during rush hour, and you're set to be exactly on time. 

Choose 1 skill- 1. Never stuck in traffic.2. The driver knows the route. 3. No construction on the line. 4. No one peed on that seat. 5. Never travelling with a thousand school children. 6. Never break down.  

You have twenty stops to get to your job. Before each stop, roll a d6. Whichever number you roll, the corresponding negative effect occurs. Ie/ roll a 1, traffic is horrendous. Roll a 2 your driver is new and lost. For each negative effect, lose 1 transit minute.  If you roll your chosen effect, gain one transit minute, making you less late. Whoever makes it to work in less time, wins! 

Tell the story of what has happened. You're all on the same bus/streetcar/subway, so when something happens to one of you, you can all tell the story of your own reactions. If George rolls a 4 (and it isn't their specialty) how do you all react to them sitting in pee? 

Transit- fun for everyone! 

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