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Caltrops • 2018 rpg

Malkav Tepes • no link

You are a ninja capable of mystic feats. You're fighting in the clan wars.
Narrator - Controls the narrative of the world. Decides rolls needed for each event. Determines weapon and armor rating. Decides everything else not covered in rules.
Dice - 4d4
Contest - Any event against other actors. Reroll 4's and keep adding them. 
Everyone has 10 hit points. 
Contest: Cunning. Sets initiative order. Winner will narrate the combat for the round incorporating all declared movement, in a logical way. Winner controls everyone's attack in any order. Each actor controls their movement following initiative order. All moves are decided at the beginning of the round.
Contest: Spirit. Sets Mystics order which integrates into the initiative order. Actors may interject a Mystic ability during their initiative in the narrative.
An attack does Weapon rating plus Might opposed to Armor rating plus Might.
Assign four plus one bonuses to each attributes. Each bonus applies to each die roll that involves that attribute. 
Attributes: Might, Cunning, Spirit
Each Actor can choose/create three mystic abilities. They can be defense, offensive, or narrative. Examples include: Leaping, Mist, Teleport, Energized, Iron Body. Mystic abilities may offset the traditional combat narrative.

Author Comments

I have always wanted to make a game based on the d4 and Ninjas. Ever since I stepped on my first d4 I realized that they are just like the caltrops used by ninjas/warriors in feudal Japan. I have tried developing this into a larger game but keeping it simple (and under 200 words) I believe has allowed me to find a fun set of rules to play it with friends. Using narration and timing is the trick to be a successful Ninja in Caltrops the 4d4 RPG.

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