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Power Dynamics • 2018 rpg

Jonathan Syson • @JRSyson

Sit down with a friend - across a table from each other. You need ten counters and a d10.

The two of you are in a relationship. Roll a d10 each. Whoever has the higher number has the power in the relationship. That person alone decides the nature of the relationship, and why they have the power. If you rolled the lower number, you cannot engage here.

The person with power begins with six counters, the person without begins with four.

The person without power describes a grievance. "You stay out too late," "you don't do the washing up," "your drinking is a problem."

Roll a d10 between you. If it is lower than the number of counters that the person in power has, they physically take a counter from the person without power. If it is higher, the person without power sets one of their tokens aside.

If you wish, you may role-play the argument, with the 'winner' of the argument being the one who moved the token.

When the person without power has no more tokens, roll a final time. If it is higher, they can narrate leaving, as dramatically and cathartically as they want; otherwise, they may not.

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