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Light As A Feather • 2018 rpg

Mary Hamilton •

You're a teenage girl. You're having a sleepover with three teenage girl friends.

You're either: the Cool One, the Smart One, the Pretty One, or the Newcomer. You all wish you were one of the others. You want to be her best friend. You hate her.

When your friends arrive, gossip together. Eat marshmallows. Do each other's hair. Touch each other's arms. Laugh at the Cool One's jokes.

You're all nervous. You're all excited. Pour a taste of your parent's wine into one cup.

Draw Tarot cards till each of you has a suit:

Wands: South. Yellow candle. Matchbook. Athena.
Swords: North. Black candle. Cigarette. Morrigan. 
Cups: West. Red candle. Glass of water. Aphrodite.
Pentacles: East. Green candle. Salt. Hecate.

When it gets dark, take your places. Light your candles. Say the words: I call upon the watchtower... Invoke your little gods. Don't turn on the lights.

Ask for something. You want: power. Change. Beauty. Coolness. Smartness. Escape. Always, power.

Make promises to each other.

Drink the wine.

Newcomer, lie on the floor. The rest of you, put two fingers beneath her. Chant: light as a feather, stiff as a board. Lift her.

If you hate her, let her fall.

Author Comments

This is a shortened version of a work in progress called Teen Girl Magic.

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