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With Astral Flames, We Burn Even The Gods • 2018 rpg

Stephen Dewey •


- 17 six-sided dice
     - Six the cinnamon shades of a fading autumn
     - Two gilt from melted jewelry, sold for liquor money
     - Four the hues of void, cracked and hungry
     - Four others the shade of secrets known only by two, each fearful the other will speak them
     - One inset with iridescent feathers, taken from the nest of a violet starling (just fledged)

- A tarot deck, heavily used, but not by you

- A collection of marbles, the ones you'd thought you'd lost from when you were younger 
     - Take a moment to stare into the galaxies trapped within
     - Try to remember when you last played with them
     - Remember how the sun baked the dusty ground that summer
     - Then, set them aside (for now)

- A coin, small, from a land you don't remember visiting

- 4-5 books on varying subjects
     - Those you pulled from your grandfather's bookshelf (at his wake)
     - Your grandmother used to be a librarian
     - But it's hard for her to remember those days now
     - Hard for her to remember to finish all those books she never read
     - Hard for her, without him
     - So you took them, so you could have one fucking thing
     - To remember him by 



Author Comments

For Grampa.

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