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Five Summers • 2018 rpg

Morgan Morningstar • @morganjaffit

A game of growing older.

The game takes place over five sessions of 20mins.  

"You are 10, and staying at Auntie Rose's farmhouse for summer, in 1960. Life is simple.  There are other children here, distant relatives who you don't really know."

Let your players have 20mins to get to know each other.

"That summer fades into memory.  Years pass, and though you see your friends occasionally, it is five years before all of you are once more all together, at the farmhouse."

Print out the following cards, and let each player draw a card, to speak to their last five years - 

15: Romance.  First Rejection.  Academic Success.  Illicit Experiences.  Parental Death.  Shame.  Ambition.  Changes.

Then, move time forward again.  Five years at a time.

25 : Marriage.  Knocked Up.  Fired. Drugs.  Party.  Professional Success. Romance.  Elevation.  Faith.
35 : Failure.  Rejection. Change of Job.  Mortgage.  Debt.  Dreams.  Loss. Order.  Children. Wedding.  Poverty.   

"At 45 you return for the moment you all knew.  A funeral, for the Aunt who has ever been a part of your lives."

45 : Fired.  Shame.  Pain.  Disease.  Seperation.  Joy.  Anxiety.  Secrets.  New relationships.

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