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Summer Legends • 2018 rpg

Luke Nelson •

The J. Stanley High School bell rings for the last time of your Sophomore year. You and your friends rush out the front door throwing papers and late assignments to the wind. You, Chip, Jamie, and Slim get on your slick bikes and race down to Graham's Arcade. Your group takes shortcuts, riding in backyards, and through ongoing traffic. As you arrive to the Arcade, you see Mathis with his gang, the Sluggers, messing with kids who want to enter. You and your gang park your bikes behind Mr. Johnson's beige sedan. You find and pick up lucky penny on the ground and gain Charisma. 

A Slugger notices your group and the gang start antagonizing your friends. If you keep on walking, you feel scared and lose Charisma but get to play the latest game. Should you stay and put up with the Sluggers a fight might break out. Chip has her hockey gloves ready in her backpack, Jamie has her soccer ball with marks from the last tussle, Chip with his baseball bat, and you with your tennis racket and some tennis balls. The Sluggers look intimidating but they can't coordinate. How do you decide to start the summer?

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