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Dreaming Atlas • 2018 rpg

Alexander Florov •

It is 440 AD in North Africa. You have come to the Atlas mountain to retrieve a dream. It was important to you. But Atlas does not release dreams easily. 

Pick a Character: a Berber noble, a Roman official, a Vandal warrior, an Egyptian anchorite, an Alan soldier, an Ethiopian merchant. 

Now your Characters eat the Lotus and enter the Dream Realm.

Randomly choose a Character to start. The player to their left creates a sentence of no more than 4 words. Flip a coin. Heads earns the Character a Dream Token, Tails gives them a Nightmare Token. Using the created sentence the Character describes the emerging dream or nightmare and it's importance. Write this down. The Character to their right goes next.

After everyone has earned a token Characters may trade back their Dream Token to remove another Character's Nightmare Token. The players trading tokens describe how their Characters work together to overcome the nightmare but lose the dream fragment. Cross these out.

When you hold 3 Dream Tokens, the beginning, middle, and end of your dream you may awaken and remember it. If you are holding 3 Nightmare Tokens, immediately, you are trapped by Atlas in eternal sleep.

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