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Mission: Assemblage • 2018 rpg

Richard Smyth •

Two or more, though ideally played with larger groups.

-Write down one way you would like to change the world for the better.

-Choose a color for your thinking process.  If group is small, rank colors in order of preference as you may have to play more than one role.

WHITE:  will provide facts 
YELLOW:  will be optimistic
BLACK:  will be judgmental
RED:  will express feelings
GREEN:  will express possibilities and alternatives

-Draw polygon of three to ten three-inch long sides such that player's shapes can align edge to edge. Color your polygon with chosen color.

-Find others with whom to form an assemblage.  Ideally, this group will have at least six members but could be as small as two.

-Create a tangram-like assemblage with your polygons.  This will become your logo.

-Player one shares their desire to change the world, after which other players engage in thinking process based on chosen color.  Each color should have a voice if possible. Player one takes notes, revising tangram if desired. Rotate through whole group.

-Group debates which idea is best to adopt as its mission.

-Group works together to carry out its mission.

Author Comments

Idea is based on an assemblage of Manuel Delanda’s book ASSEMBLAGE THEORY and Edward de Bono’s book SIX THINKING HATS.

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