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The Lands of Your Ancestors • 2018 rpg

Daniel Adams • no link

Gather your tribe. 3-5 players.
Collect your tools. 1 sheet of paper, pens, fire. 

Where do you call home?
Draw your village.
Describe the people who inhabit it. 

What sustains you?
Draw your sources of food.
Describe the songs you sing while you harvest. 

Who guards and keeps you? 
Draw your holy place.
Describe your gods and your offerings to them. 

How did you get here?
Draw a path through the wilderness.
Describe the legend of creation. 

Who came before? 
Draw your burial grounds.
Describe the path of the dead into the afterlife. 

How do you celebrate? 
Draw your festival grounds.
Describe the events worthy of celebration. 

Where does life flow? 
Draw a body of water.
Describe how the life of your parents differed from your own.

How do the seasons change?
Draw the nature that surrounds you.
Describe how you live in harmony with it.

Why is this land perfect? 

Why will you never leave?
They will come with dangerous metal and choking smoke.

They will tell you that these lands - 
the lands of your ancestors - 
are no longer your own. 

They will force you to leave. 

How do you mourn?

Set fire to your map.


Author Comments

This game is dedicated to native tribes, cultures, and peoples around the world whose lands and ways of life have been forever changed by exploitation and greed. I cannot pretend to understand the pain that has been experienced, but I can care about it. My hope is that this game will inspire its players to become involved in finding a solution and mending the wounds of the past.

Inspired by Solar Storms by Linda Hogan and The Quiet Year by Avery Alder

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