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Curb Your Better Off Always Sunny Development • 2018 rpg

Sean Fager • no link

Spitball on a setting.

Each PC is, regrettably, affiliated to the others.  Write four character traits on individual index cards.  Take three chips.

Play three acts of three scenes.  Open on every PC together at a neutral location, and freestyle roleplay until everyone is satisfied and two or more characters have episode goals which don't align.  Following scenes are framed by the most recently humiliated character's player by default, but players may bid chips for control. At least one character is present. Others may be, either at the framer or player's discretion.

Each scene has one conflict.  If the conflict is PC against NPC(s), the framer handles the opposition.

Each party (or team), in turn, picks their own trait to use positively or an opponent's trait to exploit negatively, placing the card mid-table, facing themselves.  Continue until each trait has been used, or everyone passes.  Each character/team rolls two dice and adds the number of cards facing them.  The highest scoring character/team narrates the remainder of the scene but must use each talent they listed. 

At the episode's end every character who completed their goal AND suffered mortifying disgrace gains a new trait.

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