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Dungeon of the Four Kings • 2018 rpg

Ted Cahill • no link

One deck of cards shuffled
Lots of d6, 5 to each of the 4 players, who then set aside 3d6, this is their "edge".

Players choose a suit of cards as their kingdom, and a class Wizard, Rogue, Fighter.

Flip the top card. If it's your suit roll 2d6, if the sum is >= the card value, you pass the challenge, discard that card. An edge die can be spent to add an additional d6 to your total.

If a face card is drawn, each other player rolls 2d6, and the player of that suit can defend it. The player that captures the card gains 1 edge, and the card is discarded. If no player captures the card the defender gains 1 edge, and the card is shuffled back into the deck. If multiple players roll high enough to capture the card, the highest roller wins. Aces give 1 edge to that kingdoms player.

Defending Skills 1 edge per use
Wizard: roll d6, <5 one attack misses
Rogue: re-roll one die
Fighter: add 1 to card value

A player loses the game when they are unable to pass a challenge, or their king is captured.

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