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An Ablution of Sorrow • 2018 rpg

Kimberley Lam •

The Witch Queen, your beloved twin, is dead. You are a failed Sentinel of Hell's Gate - and her only successor. Before you ascend the Rowan Throne, you must undergo a rite of cleansing.

Before play:

With your finger, write "Are you ready now?" on the bathroom mirror.


Take a steaming hot shower. Wash yourself, solemnly, reverently, and in the order given. As you do, relive the memories described.

Feet, then legs: the secret you discovered and your fury as you abandoned your post

Arms, then hands: your lonely uncertainty as you refused your twin's patient overtures

Back, then front: your jagged guilt when you finally returned - too late - to save those you once swore to protect

Hair: your twin's gentle care as she tended your demon-inflicted wounds and the whisper of renewed hope

Face: grief, grief, endless grief, at her sudden and needless death because of your weakness

When you are done, step out of the shower and look to the mirror. Your sister is powerful - death cannot stop her from sending you a message. Can you see it?

If you can, respond to her.

If you can't, ask yourself if she has forsaken you at last.

Author Comments

Thanks to Brie Sheldon for showing me how awesome solo games can be. I wouldn’t be trying these design experiments without them.

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