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So I guess I'm gay now. • 2018 rpg

Evan Burgess • @an_iceburg

You just realized you're...
Roll a d6:
2. ...bicurious
3. ...bisexual
4. ...lesbian
5. ...genderqueer
6. ...straight


1. Unsure
2. Confused
3. Certain
4. Conflicted
5. Confident
6. Unfazed


1. Shy.
2. Outgoing.
3. Opinionated.
4. Stubborn.
5. Friendly.
6. Guarded.

Everyone else rolls too.  Hide your first two traits from each other, and reveal the third.

Take turns.  

On your turn you may:

A. Create an NPC.  Name them and roll their traits.  If you share any traits with the NPC, you and the NPC may reveal those traits.  Otherwise, hide their first two traits.

B. If a player or NPC has a revealed trait that you share, even if you're hiding that trait, you and that player may reveal all traits you have in common.  The other player may choose not to share unrevealed traits.

Or C. Gain a fourth trait:

1. Musical
2. Sporty
3. Artistic
4. Bookworm
5. Promiscuous
6. Religious

Gain one point every turn you have no hidden traits, and every time you allow another human player to reveal a trait.  Play until no traits are hidden. Your points grant you freedom.

Author Comments

This game is meant to capture a particular part of the LGBTQ experience. It’s about hiding parts of yourself, and not being able to reveal them until you find someone who you can relate with. I tried to be careful with the wording and the tone that it set. You are not revealing another player’s trait - instead you are allowing another player to reveal their own traits. There is also the option to gain a fourth trait, because it gives more common ground to connect and become comfortable with another person. The win condition is tricky: I wanted an incentive to reveal your own traits, but I also wanted an incentive to reveal traits quickly, so that players would rely on each other when they had the chance, and not just wait for a good NPC to come up.

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