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Giant-Robot-Animal-Squad • 2018 rpg

Armand Kossayan • no link

2 oz bag of Skittles (candy) needed to play.

Five teenagers have been selected as pilots for Giant-Robot-Animal-Squad (GRAS), but only one can be the Giant-Robot-Animal-Person's head when they all combine.
Do what you must to become the head pilot.

Player choose a candy color. This is their uniform and robot-animal color.

When using candy for an action, its style is determined thus:

Purple-existential ennui

Start with 3 candies in your pool. Get all five colors in your Giant-Robot-Animal's HeartCore to win! If nobody wins, the project is scrapped. 

Each turn, a player draws one new candy, then picks one:

-Lock one candy in their HeartCore.
-Attack someone using one candy from their pool, destroying one candy in the target's HeartCore.
-Defend against future attacks by placing a defensive candy next to their HeartCore. Only one allowed at a time.

Players can defend others by using a candy from their pool. The attacker's attacking candy is destroyed. The defender gives their candy to the person they defend, but takes one of that person's HeartCore candies for their own pool.

Frame scenes/actions based on the candy color being used.

Eat destroyed candies.

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