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Jordan, A Lifetime in 1 Hour • 2018 rpg

Max Mahaffa • no link

Gather up to three other friends. You will narrate the life of Jordan.

Take a deck of cards and separate out one suit into the piles below the instructions.

Shuffle each pile face-down separately.

Each player takes turns drawing cards from the piles until they are depleted.

Narrate short but meaningful scenes for the associated card age as flashbacks, memories, or real time scenes involving the other players.

ANY cards drawn from the same pile AFTER a face card affect your life negatively.

When the Ace is drawn, your life comes to an end.

Pile 1 - Adolescence through Teens
2 - Age 5
3 - Age 10
4 - Age 16
J - Tragic Family Death

Pile 2 - Young Adult through Middle Age
5 - Age 18
6 - Age 21
7 - Age 30
Q - Attain Life Goal (if before a K, if after a K then disregard this card when drawn)
K - Major Life Setback (if before a Q, if after a Q then disregard this card when drawn)

Pile 3 - Old Age
8 - Age 50
9 - Age 70
10 - Age 90
A - Death, Talk as a group and come to an agreement on the best suitable death befitting your character's life and legacy.

Author Comments

Thank you to the WeirdWorks members who helped me with feedback and support for submitting this. Adam, Chad, Dave, Edwin and others. Thank you to Anabela for her support and love. Thank You to the creators of Rick & Morty for inspiration. Last, but certainly not least, Thank you to the judges, participants, and others all involved with this awesome contest!

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