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Welcome to the Show • 2018 rpg

James Malloy •

After you read this note tear it up. TEAR IT TO PIECES. Eat it if you have to. Prevent anyone else from reading this card.
We're sorry this is so last minute. The lights are already on. The mics are hot. You're about to go live. 

No one can know that I told you.
No one can know that you know. 
I'm sorry this puts you in danger. 
You are in a unique position, so I felt sharing was worth the risk.

You have been entrusted with this information because you are the host of the most watched night show.

Your first guest knows the secret. I don't know how they figured it out, but they did. 
Welcome them. Make small talk. Gain their trust.
Find a way to let them know. Find a way to make a plan.

If you get tripped up, if you think anyone suspects - bring on the next guest.
Get them all talking. They can be good cover.

Your whole crew, your other guests, all your viewers are lizard people. 

Be careful. Tear up this note. Throw it away.
Put on a good show. The whole world is watching. 
Good night and Good Luck.

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