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The Din of Elfland's Laughter • 2018 rpg

Adam Araujo • no link

As elvenkind, you have lost the ever-shifting border of Elfland and are trapped in the human realm. After a fortnight, you are lost forever.

One Gamekeeper (GK) and Player(s):

a) Wise Druid. Calls upon nature with mystical staff. (d4, life[1])
     once/day: COMMUNE - Locate border. Match D20 vs. GK.*
b) Resourceful Rover. Covers ground with dagger and bow. (d8, life[2])
     once/day: CONCEAL - HIDE entire party.
c) Fervid Warrior. Exercises force with fabled sword. (d12, life[3])
     once/day: BERSERK - HARM all foes.

*If no druid, players find another way.

Players navigate the perilous world of any human culture, populated and described by the GK. Humans are:
      - WEAK (d6, life[1])
      -	AVERAGE (d10, life[2])
      -	TOUGH (d12, life[3])

Most humans are greedy, desperate, afraid. May be friend, foe, both. Most consider elves tales, and may well think you children.

Roll to interact. (Failure invites consequence):

KNOW 1 answer: 1-3
HEAL 1 life: 1-2
HIDE 1 hour: 3-8
SEEK 1 thing: 3-6
SWAY 1 opinion: 7-10
MOVE 1 thing/yourself: 9-12
HARM X life: Roll÷4

Will you perish in the harsh human realm or regain the mirth of your twilit home?

Author Comments

Humble credit is due to Lord Dunsany’s “The King of Elfland’s Daughter” and Ludwig Tieck’s “The Elves” for inspiration.

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