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The Rabbit's Scream • 2018 rpg

Kate Bullock •

You are in love and hunting each other. One of you believes you are hunting the other for the greater good. One of you is toying with the other because you love pain and the chase.

Write your character's name, three traits, and what you are (doctor, werewolf, etc) on one index card each. Write one trait of your lover and why you love them on their own index cards, give them to your lover.

On your turn, your lover is the scene guide. They set the scene and present a conflict that will draw you closer to a final confrontation with your lover. When you need to resolve any uncertainty, flip a coin and call heads or tails. If you win, the scene resolves in your favour. If you lose, your lover takes one of your cards. You may change a fail to a success by sacrificing one of your cards and losing that part of yourself. You may destroy a part of your lover instead if you have one of their cards.

A final confrontation comes when one character has no cards left. The confrontation ends when one or both loves are dead.

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