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Be A Cat • 2018 rpg

VL Darling •

Choose a Goal:

	Human Food			
	Sing the Song of your People	
Choose a number between 1 and 6, roll 2d6.

If the numbers:
match - Success! Narrate your excellence. Spend a Round enjoying your superiority.
are different, but one shows your number - add together for your butt-wiggle-pool.
are different, but not your number - subtract the smaller from the larger then subtract from your butt-wiggle-pool (if you reach zero, take a Round to push stuff off the table).

are a 1 and a 6 - it's a Botch, oh no. You have been scooped up and snuggled. But you are a cat, so spend a Round licking yourself, erase your butt-wiggle-pool then choose a new Goal.

At 12 butt-wiggles, Success! Narrate your tenacity and endurance.

Each time a 1 appears a Terrible Thing appears! A Busy Human, Sky Water, Closed Doors, That Dog! or A Noise. Narrate vanquishing the Terrible Thing.

Once you have achieved all Goals, you are Best Cat but also become a Terrible Thing, when you roll two 1s, narrate accordingly.

The game ends when all cats are Best Cats. Or continues, nobody tells cats what to do. 

Author Comments

Thank you to Spook, Cookie, Little George, Yossarian, Soldier, Baby Cat, all the kittens, and much love to my sky cats Soxy and Moppet, may you hunt forever more and sleep the sleep of the righteous.

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