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7sins • 2018 rpg

John K. Lewis •


You will all die sinners or win through Redemption. 

You're holding hostages in a bank heist and rigged a time bomb for 1 hour, this isn't going to be easy. 

Set the timer. 

Escape or die.

Character creation.


Roll 19d8, adding 1 point to the characteristics in the following chart based on those rolls:

Roll - Characteristic

1 - Pride
2 - Gluttony
3 - Envy
4 - Lust
5 - Sloth
6 - Wrath
7 - Greed

8 - Redemption

Conflict Resolution.

When faced with conflict, like shooting someone or seducing cops, the GM may simply say you succeed or fail.

Or they can create an "Opportunity."


GM will state a Sin this conflict relates to. 

The player may either concede, thus failing automatically but simultaneously losing 1 point in that Characteristic and gaining 1 point of Redemption. 

Or they can roll a d8. 

Rolling a 1 or below their Characteristic score gives a critical success with spectacularly good results. 

Rolling an 8 is a critical failure. You may die.

Anything in between gives an expected but average result.

Dying and Ascension

If a character dies, immediately roll a d8. 

Rolling their Redemption or below means they ascend, otherwise they are judged unworthy.

Author Comments

I’m hoping for very interesting characters.

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