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Work Together or Die Alone • 2018 rpg

Ben H • no link

- 10 days. That's how long until help arrives.

You're holed up, hiding from what's outside. This place is unfamiliar but safe. For now. There are others -

Describe your character in turn, adding a detail to the story.

Assign your Relationship dice to others (d4s-d10s). For every d8 assign a d6, for every d4 a d10. Two d6s/d8s can equal a d10/d4. A Drop lowers a die one step. Spending Spirits negates Drops 1-for-1.

- Each day you prepare -

Each choose: scavenge Food, build Defences, raise Spirits (initially divide 6pts between them, collectively). Roll your lowest Relationship of those doing the same task (d4 alone). 1 botches, negate task successes and choose: -1 Food, Defences, or a Drop. Each dead character chooses an additional result. Otherwise, highest result: 2-3: Nothing, 4-6: +1, 7-10: +2. Play out the results.

Mark off Food each day, if you've run out everyone starves.

- Each night they come for you -

Roll 1d12 vs. Day count, optionally spending Defences to raise the result. If lower a random character is killed-taken-etc. Roll your Relationship: 1-3: You bear the loss, 4-6: Take one Drop, 7-10: Take two Drops.

Author Comments

One thing that might be worth considering in play is switching the d12 vs. Day Count roll for 2d6, the bell curve (and higher minimum) would pad the early game and have the inverse effect at later stages.

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