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DDDD - Dirty, dark, dangerous and deadly • 2018 rpg

Zardoss Darkhill • no link


An urban, dystopian role play, about runners doing the bad jobs for the bosses.
Everything is dark, dirty, dangerous and deadly like Blade Runner, Mute, Dredd, Ghost in a shell and Altered Carbon. 
Needed: game master (GM), players, pen and paper and three six sided dices (3d6).

Character creation:

Name: 				name
past: 				company, police, gutter, army etc.
archetype:  			killer, hacker, driver, tech etc.
edge: 				unique ability or equipment
quirk:				unique quirk

Describe your character.
GM assigns equipment and money.

For doing something insecure role 3d6.
GM adds a number between -7 to +7 based on situation and character.
11 or more is a success. A higher result is a better success.

All actions in a fight are mostly simultaneously.
Melee before guns.
Drawing a gun needs one combat round.
After a hit, GM judges injury by  height of role and situation.
Rule of thump: Two full hits with a melee or one shot may be deadly.

The GM is responsible for the story and everything which is not a player character.


Author Comments

Thanks to William Gibson and all other authors of Cyber Punk it is my favorite genre !!

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