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Nomads • 2018 rpg

Tom Vinita • @tv_neato

NECESSITIES: Yourself, a time piece, maybe a few friends

CHECK THE TIME: When told to do this, look at your time piece. Note the rightmost digit of the current time and use it to consult a chart.

Go somewhere. A walk, a commute, a hike or other. Players take turns telling a story about a group on a journey. What are they seeking?

On their turn, a player may:

Create a character
A defining feature,
one positive trait,
one negative trait,
one weird trait

Tell a story
CHECK THE TIME, tell the story of an obstacle in your path. Let friends join in.
1-2: A great mystery
3-4: A perilous frontier
5-6: A grueling battle
7-8: A strange creature
9: A deadly intrigue
0: Something else entirely

Tell the story of a character confronting the obstacle.
Near the climax, CHECK THE TIME.
Tell us what happens and how the character is changed:
1-2: A lesson learned
3-4: A blessing granted
5-6: A friend scarred
7-8: A bond strengthened
9: A journey cut short
0: Something else entirely

The journey ends when you reach your destination. Did they find what they seek?

Author Comments

If you happen to play this while driving, please ask someone else to CHECK THE TIME for you.

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