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Gathering For The Oracle • 2018 rpg

Maria Mercedes Martinez •


Bucket of water 
Box to stand on

You are all gathered together to receive the oracle. Choose a priest/priestess.

"The Portent" = Who, What, Where, When, How.

"The Strife" = "The king has gone mad." or "Our children have gone missing." 

Strife ideas are whispered to the Priest/Priestess.

+++++Game begins+++++

Priest/Priestess declares one strife standing on a box with the bucket of water in front of her. She holds the coin.

She then states the "Portent" of her choosing. For example: "Where".

The priestess chooses which one of the gathered gets to ascend to the box and answer the portent as it relates to the strife.

As that person is elaborating, the gathered may yell: 

"Hear, Hear!" if they want them to keep going with their thread. 

Conversely, they will yell: "They LIE! 

If this happens, the Priest/Priestess ascends the box and drops the coin into the water. Heads = new person continues the thread.

Before the next person ascends the box, the priestess will state the next Portent they will need to express.

When the Priest/Priestess feels all the Portents have been answered, the game ends. 

The Oracle has spoken.

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