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Reconstruction • 2018 rpg

Rich Wilkins • no link

*Pre Game*

Each player should take between 20 and 40 pictures on their phone. These could be of people, of things, of anything really. Take these all around the space where the game is being played. (Or you can just play with the pictures already on everyones phone)

*The Game*

Everyone close your eyes. Now wake up! No one remembers what happened, but something has happened. 

Youngest player rolls a d6, then counts backwards that number through the pictures on their phone. The first picture is who the player was, an occupation etc... The player can elaborate. All players do the same.

The second roll for each player, the pictures are now a bad thing that happened, a problem that must have befallen the group. 

The third time roll for each player the pictures are of the solution. Figure out how the group survived or overcame the dilemma.  

Continue until the story ends.

Author Comments

I have been thinking about games that could be played in public places, and I think this one would be more fun at a bar, or restaurant etc… I hope you enjoy.

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