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Mangled Threads and Mortal Tales • 2018 rpg

Geoff Gimse •

Players take on the role of the Fates as they play games with mortals' lives.

## Setup ##

1. Each player writes down a mortal's name, background, and secret goal.
2. One mortal (randomly selected) becomes the Chosen.
3. Each player receives a set of 5 colored threads.

### Threads ###

Red: Feeling  
Black: Loss  
Blue: Thought  
Brown: Order  
Green: Growth  

## Contest ##

Each Chosen's story is narrated by their Fate (player). Every story begins with the mortal gazing at their reflection (location determined by the Fate). The Chosen's background determines its skills. Fates can ask brief questions or use threads to influence story direction. If the Chosen does not accomplish their goal, their Fate loses.  

When the Chosen's season ends their goal is revealed, and a new Chosen is selected. When all seasons are complete, the Fates vote for the best story.

## Rules ##

- Once a Fate uses a thread they must discard it for that season.
- Fates cannot harm the Chosen (other mortals are fair game)
- Fates must not disrupt the order of the present reality. A thread can crash a car not summon a dragon.
- Fates cannot vote for their story.
- Thread influences must match their color.
- Seasons last 7 minutes.

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