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Youre Not A Nice Person Will You Die That Way • 2018 rpg

Graham Gentz •

With a group, create a nonlinear story of doomed criminals given an ultimatum and sent on a suicide mission. You will need 3x5 cards, d6s, and players.

-Collaboratively decide your final goal/genre: assassination, stealing documents, sabotage a doomsday weapon in WWII, high fantasy, ancient China, etc.
-Players secretly write one "unbeatable" obstacle of the mission on a card. Shuffle the cards.
-Players write the name of their criminal on a card. DON'T discuss other character details.

On each player's turn, narrate a scene addressing either:

-Life (criminal, familial) prior to capture
-Pre-mission training with the group
-The mission itself

Have this scene reveal character and context. Can they be redeemed? Should they?

After a scene, roll dice equal to 1 + (# of character deaths). On any 6, a DEATH SCENE triggers. Otherwise, pass to the next scene.

On a DEATH SCENE, shuffle name cards. Draw one with an obstacle card. That player narrates the group's success over the obstacle and the death of their character. Players with dead characters still get turns.

Play until two characters remain. Those players each roll a die. On a 6, their character survives. Combine the final two obstacles and narrate the finale.

Author Comments

I’m so excited, this is awesome!!

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