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Wreckscum • 2018 rpg

M. Quintanilla • no link

You make your living plumbing the phantom depths of the Stygian Reach. You have a tethered diving suit, void harpoon, and financial obligations (Rent, tithes for Mother Eel, etc.) How did you end up here? What's the alternative? How much Treasure will you need?

Explore. Breath in the strangeness. Slowly. Quietly. When you're ready to dive deeper, roll 2D6 and draw a card. If the result is higher than your Silence (starting: 10), you're Noticed. If you're already Noticed, the Reach claims you as its own. If your card is (a):

Red: Abyssal Creature. Describe its terrifying features. How infinite is its maw? Flee (-1 Silence) or Fight (spend Silence and roll 1D per Silence spent). If over the value it becomes a Treasure. If you lose the Fight, sacrifice a Treasure to escape. Otherwise, you're devoured.

Black: Treasure; Relics of the Sunken Ones. What was its purpose? How has the sea tainted it? Discard or pay 1 Silence to keep.

Face: +1D3 Silence. Refuge; temporary respite. Describe it.

Ace/Joker: Opportunities. How do you navigate the dark? Draw +2 cards. Keep one; ignore one.

Return to the ship when ready. Count your Treasures, is it enough?

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