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The Old Timers Are Liars • 2018 rpg

cecil howe •

Players are old timers and they're sitting around a game of dominos or bridge or so, just before siesta, and they are noisily trading half truths, misremembered memories, ghost stories, and visions of saints. Their stories are magical but lies the same.

Old timers take turns rolling 5d6, aiming for a straight of at least three dice - 1,2,3 or 3,4,5 etcetera etcetera. If they get a straight, this is the lie, the old timer must describe some nonsense from their younger days. A duel in the street, love affairs with mermaids, a visit to a strange land.

Time lost at sea.

A game of chess with a ghost.

Something only a child would believe if she believes in any magic at all.

Each old timer takes a turn at rolling to tell a lie in order from youngest to oldest. A round passes when each old timer has rolled.

Any old timer who cannot roll a straight does not have a good lie to tell. If they spend two rounds unable to top the lies of their neighbors they shuffle off to nap away the humidity - they are out of the game.

Author Comments

Shout out to B. Murray from VSCA Publishing and Rob Schwalb from every RPG ever for being good design pals.

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