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Barbarians in the Mall • 2018 rpg

Goblin Misfit •

A group of barbarians have become trapped in a mall and find themselves forced to adapt to a new way of life.  Anytime the barbarians attempt to exit the mall, they find themselves instead in a small apartment with no windows, an uncomfortable bed, a cramped bathroom, and a door back into the mall.  

You are those barbarians and must live your life in the day to day hell known as suburban shopping.
Barbarians have two skills, Brain and Brawns.  They are good at one and mildly disappointing at the other.  Choose which skill your barbarian is good at.  When you make a skill check for your "good" skill, roll 2d6 and use whichever result you want.  For your "bad" skill, roll 1d6 instead.
When you roll a:
1 or 2 - YOU FAIL!
3 or 4 - The GM also rolls 1d6
if they roll the same or higher than your roll, you fail but gain a small advantage
if they roll lower than you, you succeed but suffer a small setback
5 or 6 - You succeed

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