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Reincarnation Station • 2018 rpg

Liz Barlow • no link

The players are all reincarnations of the same person (except the Train Attendant) who return to the same train station between lives. They meet, they board the train, and they depart to be reborn. The order that the players have entered the room is the order the lives were lived. Each player decides what sort of incarnation they want to represent. 

One person is the Train Attendant, they make sure everyone is present, boards the train, and gets off at the appropriate stop. 

Meeting: While awaiting the train, everyone establishes key moments in their lives by reminiscing over their incarnation, this informs each other of the lives lived. 

Boarding: The incarnations will offer advice to each other as the train begins to leave, pulling from their own experiences to comment on those of their fellows. 

Departure: Each incarnation leaves, starting from the first incarnation and moving forward. When departing they share what they have learned, followed by stating a goal they have for their next life, influenced by the advice they've received. 

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