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Draw me a kingdom • 2018 rpg


Players are old adventurers sitting around a fire who remember the history of their kingdom. Each in turn must bring an additional element to the story and draw it on the map.

The first player draws the kingdom in the center of the map and divides the rest into blank areas (1 per player).

Age of Balance
Each player determines the content of one of the blank areas (geography, population and relations with the central kingdom) by rolling a D6 (1-2: good for the kingdom, 3-4: neutral for the kingdom, 5-6: bad for the kingdom). The player justifies his story by drawing a geographical element on the map.
Once everyone has played, the players debate by show of hands about the physiognomy of the kingdom (economy, politics, life...). In case of a tie, roll the dice to break the tie. 

Age of Crisis
A player tells the big event that turned the kingdom into a crisis. 
If the first player chooses to tell a positive event, the second must follow on from the negative consequences of the previous event and so on, alternating positive and negative.

At the end, the players debate the fate of the kingdom.

Author Comments

A “macro” vision of role playing game.

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