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One Night - Human and Monsters • 2018 rpg

Allinic Aflin • no link

   A stormy night,
   Two people, 
   One abandoned house,
   One monster.
   Who could it be?


  Requirements: At least 4 people, 6-sided dice, pens and small paper.

  Pre-game: The gamemaster gives a piece of paper to each player to write occupation, attribute (ATT) and 2 lucky numbers from 1-6 (LN)

   Skill: Using ATT, the player will pick one* skill:

    -Offensive: Attack, disable skill,...
    -Defensive: Heal, avoid,...
    -Supportive: Re-roll, heal others,...

    *GM can create more skills if they're balanced.

    -A skill can be used when the player gets the LN.

   Monster: Secretly select one* player to make them a monster.
     -The monster has:
       +Curse: Upon rolling your LN, GM's next roll will be 1. (Tell the rules beforehand)

   *: Formula: 3 players - 1 monster

     -Each player has 2 healths.
     -Starts by introducing your: Job, ATT, backstory,...

     -Then the GM rolls:
       +Odd: Bad event*
       +Even: Neutral event*

     -Then the players roll:
       +Odd: Safe
       +Even: Lose 1 health**
       +LN: Safe and you can use your skill.

    *: GM makes up the event's story
    **: Bad event only

     -Repeat until:
       +1*(number of monsters) player dies (Monster wins)

       +All monsters are dead (Human wins)


       +After 6*(number of monsters) events. (Monster wins)

Author Comments

Thanks to all my friends that helped me with the brainstorming.

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