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Hotel Apocalyptica • 2018 rpg

Zak Waters •

Welcome to the end of the world. What better place to spend the apocalypse than a fancy ass hotel, that may also be magic. The Facilitator for this adventure chooses one of the Four Horsemen: War, Famine, Pestilence or Death. Then, the rest of the players say what the horseman did to earn their ire, and describe your character.

Together, each of you tell the story of how the world ends. Share the spotlight, with each of you getting a chance to speak.

When you want to do anything, say what your goal is, and how you do it.
You start with 1d6.
If you are using a object from the hotel, +1 to your roll.
If the plan is daring or bold, +1 to your roll.
+1 if the plan takes an advantage of a debility.
-1 for each debility you have.

1-3: You gain a debility and describe how the world gets worse.
4-5: Your Target gains a debility, or you get what you want, at a price
6+: You succeed fully.

The game ends when you either kill the horseman; or if the world ends, whichever happens first.

Author Comments

Big thanks to @acegiak, @DungeonCommandr, @DarkLavendrVoid & @nyquist_je for the help tinkering with this.

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