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The Rumors are False! Everything is Fine! • 2018 rpg

E.T.Smith •

3+ players, 1 "Blame" coin, many "Credibility" tokens

You are the officers/management/cabinet of a ship/corporation/presidency, or other fractious, failing, doomed institution.

Each player describes their "department" in the institution and takes 5 Credibility.

To begin, a random player describes a problem and why it's the responsibility of the department to their left, who has two options:

* Pass the problem, describing why it's actually the responsibility of the department to _their_ left (who then accepts or passes it themselves) and lose one Credibility.

* Accept the problem, describing how they can solve it, then take and toss the Blame. 
Heads: problem solved cleanly. 
Tails: problem solved, but they lose one Credibility. 
The Blame remains with them until someone else takes it.

If a problem gets back to the player who first declared it, they loose one Credibility to fix it and take the Blame without tossing it. 

To continue, the player to the right of the last problem-declarer presents a new problem to their left, and so on. Game ends when a department runs out of Credibility. Whichever department has the Blame at the end is derided by the rest as the cause of it all.

Author Comments

Thanks to my wife Lena Marvin for helping me troubleshoot this design, and Erin and Josef Cook for giving me a chance to playtest it before submission. The original title was “This Ship is Sinking!” but that changed upon realizing the play was an apt analogy to other notable floundering institutions. I’m really happy with this design, it sprang from sudden concept to functional text in less than a week, and really has boosted my confidence for future design efforts.

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