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Die Zombies! • 2018 rpg

Zachary Knight •

Can you survive the zombie apocalypse? Guide a band of plucky survivors to the last remaining secure settlement.

A game for two players. One controls the zombie encounters and rewards, the other controls the team of survivors.

Player 1 gets one d10 and 1 d6. Player 2 gets 5 survivor tokens and two d6s. 

Play starts with player 1 describing the encounter, and rolls the d10 to determine the number of zombies encountered, a roll of 0 is 10 zombies. Both players roll for initiative with 1 d6 each. If player 1 rolls high, it is a surprise encounter. If surprised, player 2 rolls only one d6 during this encounter, if not, player 2 rolls 2 d6s.

During the encounter, both players roll their d6s. Players compare highest rolls. If Player 2 wins, ties going to Player 2, one zombie is killed. If Player 1 wins, one survivor token is killed.

If all zombies are killed, Player 1 describes what they win, either food, ammo, medicine or even additional survivors. Play moves to the next encounter. If all survivors die, the game is over. If Player 2 wins 10 scenarios, they win the game.

Author Comments

Thanks to my kids for helping me play test.

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