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The Whole Potato, All At Once • 2018 rpg

Dylan Scott •

This is a universal, diceless RPG, suitable for any setting or genre. 

You have a character who is represented by a potato. When you wish for your character to accomplish something risky and consequential, you must take a substantial bite of your potato. If the bite of potato you have taken leaves your mouth before you swallow it, your character dies. If you swallow your bite, the action succeeds. If it is the LAST bite of your potato, the action succeeds beyond your wildest dreams and you level up (which here means "get a new potato"). This DOES mean that you may go for a very large bite to accomplish a sufficiently difficult task, which does in fact mean that you might have to eat The Whole Potato, All At Once. 

ERRATA: If you are a member of the human species, to whom raw potatoes are mildly toxic, a whole stick of butter may be substituted. If your companion is unable or unwilling to consume their potato, you may aid them by taking their bite for them. You may have a beverage, but you must consume an entire juice glass of the beverage in one go before the game starts. 

Author Comments

Yes, I did playtest this game. That is why an errata was included. Thank you for your time.

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