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R&J : D / : ( • 2018 rpg

Jessica Creane •

R&J is a two-person, multi-day RPG based on Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, which takes place over the course of five kind of imbecilic days in which R&J meet, elope, and needlessly poison themselves to death.    

Day 1: Ask a random stranger you have a crush feeling about to play R&J with you.  Co-author a sonnet to test compatibility. Good? Trade phone #s and arrange tomorrow's wedding vows: a silly or serious investment outside of everyday routines that is personal to the players; ie "we both freaking love Ke$ha. We will freaking dress and speak like Ke$ha all day."

Day 2: Enact vows. Regularly text your partner updates. 

Day 3: Create a public declaration of love in support of your partner, who's been banished from town for killing your cousin.  Text them photos.  

Day 4: You're temporarily poisoned. Don't contact your partner for 24 hours.  Give up something else you love for 24 hours, too; you are comatose.  

Day 5: Your partner thought you *actually* died and poisoned themselves for real. Write their obituary and text it out in tribute to your love.  

Epilogue: All love stories come to an end. Delete your partner's contact info.   

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