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Alessio Venturini • no link

Materials: paper and pencils.

The Lawyer preparing is closing argument to convince Judge and Jury of his client's innocence.
Each player takes 5 sheets and without being seen by other players writes:

- Crime Committed (drug dealing, rape, murder, etc.)
-  2 Positive Facts about the client (underage, abused, philanthropist, handicap, etc.)
-  2 Negative Facts about the client (alcoholic, junkie, pedophile, homicide, etc.)

Don't write innocent or guilty, this will be determined by final verdict.

Create two piles, one with the Crime Committed, the other with the Facts. Every players take casually from the piles one Crime Committed and 4 Facts.
In turn, a player will play the Lawyer and the others plays Jury and Judge.

The Lawyer shows the Crime extracted. Judge and Jury agree the "crime scene" and tell what happened (creates a simple and credible situations).

The Lawyer read privately the Facts extracted and creates a plausible story to get his client off. Remember: you can use Facts as you wish. What matters is winning. When is ready, the Lawyer says his closing argument.

The Jury votes.

The Judge votes (and his vote count as two). 

Say the verdict.

Continue clockwise.

The hearing is closed.

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