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Good Dogs || for 5 with PnP + playing cards • 2018 rpg

Michael Quinn •

Players play the role of a feral dog.

Players draw three cards and pick a character (only one of each).

Brute - Subdues any man or dog
Smart - Opens unlocked doors, plays dead
Mobile - Faster than anything, climbs
Scrappy - Starts with 6 cards. Charms humans.

Difficult actions not in your character niche require a check (ie, killing another dog, escaping gunfire). GM draws a card, and player must discard enough cards to match or exceed it (facecards = 10; aces = 1). Nearby PCs can play a card to help. Drawn cards go to discard pile that's shuffled back in whenever players get food.

1 food = draw 1 card

No cards = dead dog

For GM:
Before play, lay out grid of 12 cards. Each is an urban block. On face cards, lay another.

King - Armed man; hunts humans not of his suit
Jack - human corpse (8 food)
Queen - burning ruins
Joker - water

Value indicates amount of item
Hearts - hidden food
Spades - pack of hungry dogs
Clubs - unarmed humans
Diamonds - park/lot

Other dogs and humans may be friend or foe. Humans hunt maneaters.

Remember that PC dogs:
-can't read
-see black and white
-have dog's nose and hearing
-understand body language, not words

Author Comments

My goal was to create a game with enough depth for multiple sessions, and a bit of setting material to get things started. The great thing is, most of us know enough about dogs to improvise from there!

I imagine this game playing little bit like an old school dungeon crawler. There’s some basic resource management, and even a chance of factions developing if you use the city generator.

I blog about OSR stuff at

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