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Simple and Fast Engine for RPGs (SAFE RPG) • 2018 rpg

Scott Moore •

The Law
The person at the table in charge of running the adventure and making final decisions about game play is The Law.

The Four Abilities
When you create a character, you have 7 points to divide among these four Abilities.
Physical: strength and health.
Mental: intelligence and logic.
Spirit: willpower and charisma.
Resources: equipment and contacts.  

Play Order
Everyone rolls a six-sided die.  Highest goes first; ties are rerolled.
Every character may take one Action on their turn.  To resolve an Action:  
-	Select an applicable Ability
-	Roll a number of six-sided dice equal to the Ability score
-	Determine the total number of fives or sixes rolled and see below
Total 5s or 6s rolled	Result
0			Fail
1			Plot Twist (situation has changed*)
2			Success with Complication*
3 or more		Success
*	To be determined by The Law.

A successful attack reduces one of the target's applicable Abilities by one.  When an Ability reaches 0, the character is removed from play and considered recuperating until the following in-game day, when their Abilities return to normal. 

Characters completing a session gain 1 point they may add to any Ability. 

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