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Innovative Resolution Mechanics • 2018 rpg

Nick LS Whelan •

The players agree on a world they want to explore: Greyhawk, Star Trek, France, whatever. In this setting lives an elderly woman named Esther who must go on an adventure to accomplish her goal. The first player decides what her goal is, then passes control of Esther.

Whenever the result of Esther's actions are in doubt, the player whose turn will be next must come up with a new resolution mechanic: rolling a die, drawing a card, guessing how many beans are in a jar, whatever. The previous player decides what constitutes success: rolling higher than a 5, drawing a club, guessing within 4 beans of the correct amount. 

No resolution mechanic may ever be used more than once, even across multiple sessions. Control of Esther passes to a new player after 1 success, or 3 failures, whichever comes first. 

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