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FONT • 2018 rpg

Michael Dunn-O'Connor •

You left a dying world for the perilous FISSURE; few return.  You seek the FONT, which will change everything.

In secret, record your:
-TITLE (names are forbidden)
-VISION (number from 2 [inward] to 4 [outward])

Grandest TITLE chooses a TEST, describes it with three senses.
-Cross treacherous terrain
-Remove a hindrance
-Find something necessary
-Follow something unseen
-Confront something terrifying
-Go somewhere forbidden

Next (clockwise) player describes how all will overcome it.  All ROLL 1D6.
-ROLL under VISION to find / identify
-ROLL over VISION to empathize / withstand
-ROLL under RESOLVE to challenge / destroy
-ROLL over RESOLVE to evade / dissemble

Each describe your outcome.  If you fail, choose a MARK:
-Haunted: -1 VISION
-Afraid: -1 RESOLVE
-Broken: You may pass successes to others, but never enter the FONT
-Dead: Haunt the survivors

Proceed clockwise, choosing TESTs and resolving each once.
Survivors reach the FONT. Describe it with a single sense, and:

ROLL 1D6; describe the outcome:
-ROLL under VISION: the FONT changes the dying world
-Otherwise, the FONT changes you

ROLL again:
-ROLL under RESOLVE: reveal a great secret
-Otherwise, bury a secret forever

Each describe how you escape the FISSURE or why you stay.

Author Comments

Thanks to N. Garcia, M. Warren, and D. Courtney for playtesting!

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