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Break the state maschine (106 chars/line!) • 2018 rpg

mherzog • no link

You play activists fighting the system.
Collaboratively establish the setting and let it breath in play.
Choosing who's next ends your turn. Everyone gets their turn before anyone can go again.

2+ rounds of posts on setting
PUBLIC SUPPORT @ start: 30
Players choose name, specialty, secret. Resolve: 8, location: street.

Post your plan
Predecessor posts situation surrounding action and sets impact/risk (low:1 - high:5)
Ask PCs (same location) for support
Predecessor rolls d10. If < chance : SUCCESS, else FAILURE
On odd roll: TROUBLE

LOCATION    ACTION           CHANCE                      SUCCESS             FAILURE         TROUBLE
            change public    #support+                   lower public                        #impact enter
            opinion          #(relevant)specialities+    support by                          interrogation
                             #shared secrets             impact+evidence                     (volunters,
                                                         (used up)                           then

            aid escape                                                                       enter

INTERROGATION (private. predecessor is interrogator, polls PCs total #implications)
            rat-out          3+2*#implicated+           enter STREET        enter CAMP      lower resolve 
                             +4*#secrets given-                                               by CHANCE
                             -#implictions on file

            persevere        3                           "                   "               "

            collect          like c.p.o.                 gain evidence                       lower
            evidence                                     (value=roll)                        resolve -2
                                                         +1 to resolve

            share secret     0                           both gain +1
            escape           resolve+impact              enter street        evidence lost   lower
                                                                                             resolve -2

No resolve, narrate death.
Public support at 0: win
All in camp: loss, everyone narrates ending.

Author Comments

please view the text so there are no automatic line breaks, outerwise the columns of the table will be impossible to make sense of.

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