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Play the Fandom • 2018 rpg

Tilde • no link

[Up to 6 players]

The players pick a fandom, then each one of them write the following features on a different piece of paper:
-        1 main character
-        2 verbs/actions
-        1 location
-        2 objects
-        1 secondary character
-        1 mood/feeling
-        1 story ending
+ choose 3 words (peculiar for the fandom) that all of the players will be able to use only one time each.  
They fold the pieces of paper and mix them up by category, then each player picks 1 or 2 depending on the category (1 location, 2 quotes, etc.). The players follow the alphabetical order and play as the main character they had picked.

The first one starts telling their story using all the picked features and adding everything they wish. The more detailed the better. If the one who's telling the story names any word of those held by any of the other players, they can interrupt the story and start telling their own, taking into account everything that had already been said as facts. The whole story has to make...some sense!
The player who end up telling their whole story wins!

Author Comments

This game was inspired by “Once Upon a Time”. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

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